Dallas Mavericks


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The Dallas Mavericks (often referred to as the Mavs) are an American professional basketball team based in Dallas, Texas. The Mavericks compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member club of the league's Western Conference Southwest Division. The team plays its home games at the American Airlines Center, which it shares with the National Hockey League's Dallas Stars.

As of the 2017 season, the Mavericks have sold out 707 consecutive games since December 15, 2002, the longest currently running sellout streak in North American major league sports.

Since their inaugural 1980–81 season, the Mavericks have won three division titles (1987, 2007, 2010), two conference championships (2006, 2011), and one NBA championship (2011). 

NBA - 2019/2020USA: NBA - 2019/2020

Dallas Mavericks136 - 132Milwaukee BucksW

USA: NBA Preseason - 2019/2020

Dallas Mavericks111 - 126LA ClippersL
Sacramento Kings110 - 114Dallas MavericksW
Phoenix Suns117 - 115Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks149 - 153Houston RocketsL
Philadelphia 76ers115 - 118Dallas MavericksW

NBA - 2019/2020USA: NBA - 2019/2020

Dallas Mavericks111 - 118Indiana PacersL
LA Lakers104 - 108Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks113 - 97Denver NuggetsW

USA: NBA Preseason - 2019/2020

San Antonio Spurs119 - 109Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks109 - 112Indiana PacersL
Dallas Mavericks121 - 96Memphis GrizzliesW
Dallas Mavericks127 - 123New Orleans PelicansW
Chicago Bulls109 - 107Dallas MavericksL
Minnesota Timberwolves91 - 111Dallas MavericksW
Miami Heat126 - 118Dallas MavericksL
San Antonio Spurs103 - 109Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks139 - 123Minnesota TimberwolvesW
Atlanta Hawks111 - 107Dallas MavericksL
Orlando Magic106 - 122Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks130 - 111Sacramento KingsW
Dallas Mavericks119 - 123Utah JazzL
Charlotte Hornets100 - 116Dallas MavericksW
Washington Wizards119 - 118Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks107 - 121Memphis GrizzliesL
Indiana Pacers103 - 112Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks123 - 100Atlanta HawksW
Houston Rockets128 - 121Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks104 - 133Phoenix SunsL
Oklahoma City Thunder97 - 107Dallas MavericksW
Utah Jazz112 - 107Dallas MavericksL
Portland Trail Blazers125 - 133Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks107 - 110LA ClippersL
Dallas Mavericks120 - 112Portland Trail BlazersW
Sacramento Kings123 - 127Dallas MavericksW
Golden State Warriors97 - 124Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks109 - 91Philadelphia 76ersW
Dallas Mavericks114 - 129LA LakersL
Dallas Mavericks106 - 107Denver NuggetsL
Dallas Mavericks118 - 110Chicago BullsW
Dallas Mavericks120 - 123Charlotte HornetsL
Dallas Mavericks123 - 111Brooklyn NetsW
Oklahoma City Thunder106 - 101Dallas MavericksL
LA Lakers108 - 95Dallas MavericksL
Golden State Warriors121 - 141Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks102 - 98San Antonio SpursW
Toronto Raptors110 - 107Dallas MavericksL
Philadelphia 76ers98 - 117Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks103 - 109Boston CelticsL
Milwaukee Bucks116 - 120Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks118 - 122Miami HeatL
Detroit Pistons111 - 122Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks106 - 110Sacramento KingsL
Dallas Mavericks130 - 84New Orleans PelicansW
Dallas Mavericks121 - 114Minnesota TimberwolvesW
New Orleans Pelicans97 - 118Dallas MavericksW
LA Lakers100 - 114Dallas MavericksW
Phoenix Suns113 - 120Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks99 - 114LA ClippersL
Houston Rockets123 - 137Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks143 - 101Cleveland CavaliersW
Dallas Mavericks142 - 94Golden State WarriorsW
Dallas Mavericks117 - 110San Antonio SpursW
Dallas Mavericks110 - 102Toronto RaptorsW
New York Knicks106 - 103Dallas MavericksL
Boston Celtics116 - 106Dallas MavericksL
Memphis Grizzlies122 - 138Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks102 - 106New York KnicksL
Dallas Mavericks107 - 106Orlando MagicW
Cleveland Cavaliers111 - 131Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks110 - 119LA LakersL
Denver Nuggets106 - 109Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks119 - 121Portland Trail BlazersL
New Orleans Pelicans116 - 123Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks108 - 100Washington WizardsW
LA Clippers87 - 102Dallas MavericksW

USA: NBA Summer League: NBA Las Vegas Summer League Playoff - 2019

Dallas Mavericks107 - 70Oklahoma City ThunderW
Dallas Mavericks111 - 118Milwaukee BucksL
Detroit Pistons124 - 117Dallas MavericksL
Oklahoma City Thunder119 - 104Dallas MavericksL
Minnesota Timberwolves108 - 82Dallas MavericksL

USA: NBA Summer League: NBA Las Vegas Summer League - 2019

Croatia71 - 79Dallas MavericksW

NBA - 2018/2019USA: NBA - 2018/2019

Sacramento Kings105 - 101Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks113 - 81Houston RocketsW
Dallas Mavericks96 - 92Brooklyn NetsW
San Antonio Spurs105 - 94Dallas MavericksL

USA: NBA Preseason - 2018/2019

Dallas Mavericks120 - 109Phoenix SunsW
Memphis Grizzlies127 - 129Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks112 - 122Memphis GrizzliesL
Dallas Mavericks108 - 110Minnesota TimberwolvesL
Dallas Mavericks122 - 102Philadelphia 76ersW
Oklahoma City Thunder103 - 106Dallas MavericksW
Miami Heat105 - 99Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks121 - 125Sacramento KingsL
Golden State Warriors91 - 126Dallas MavericksW
Sacramento Kings116 - 100Dallas MavericksL
Portland Trail Blazers126 - 118Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks125 - 129New Orleans PelicansL
Dallas Mavericks121 - 116Cleveland CavaliersW
Denver Nuggets100 - 99Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks105 - 112San Antonio SpursL
Dallas Mavericks93 - 94Houston RocketsL
Orlando Magic111 - 106Dallas MavericksL
Washington Wizards132 - 123Dallas MavericksL
Brooklyn Nets127 - 88Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks81 - 111Memphis GrizzliesL
Dallas Mavericks110 - 101Indiana PacersW
LA Clippers121 - 112Dallas MavericksL
Utah Jazz125 - 109Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks104 - 114Denver NuggetsL
Dallas Mavericks101 - 112Miami HeatL
Houston Rockets120 - 104Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks102 - 101Portland Trail BlazersW
Dallas Mavericks107 - 122Milwaukee BucksL
Dallas Mavericks99 - 93Charlotte HornetsW
Cleveland Cavaliers98 - 111Dallas MavericksW
Detroit Pistons93 - 89Dallas MavericksL
New York Knicks90 - 114Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks120 - 123Toronto RaptorsL
Dallas Mavericks106 - 101Detroit PistonsW
Dallas Mavericks106 - 98LA ClippersW
Milwaukee Bucks116 - 106Dallas MavericksL
Indiana Pacers111 - 99Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks101 - 105San Antonio SpursL
Dallas Mavericks114 - 119Golden State WarriorsL
Minnesota Timberwolves115 - 119Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks104 - 94Phoenix SunsW
Dallas Mavericks97 - 107LA LakersL
Philadelphia 76ers106 - 100Dallas MavericksL
Boston Celtics114 - 93Dallas MavericksL
Charlotte Hornets84 - 122Dallas MavericksW
Oklahoma City Thunder122 - 102Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks105 - 103Oklahoma City ThunderW
New Orleans Pelicans114 - 112Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks122 - 119New Orleans PelicansW
Portland Trail Blazers121 - 118Dallas MavericksL
Golden State Warriors120 - 116Dallas MavericksL
LA Clippers125 - 121Dallas MavericksL
Denver Nuggets126 - 118Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks113 - 120Sacramento KingsL
Phoenix Suns99 - 89Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks114 - 107Atlanta HawksW
Dallas Mavericks101 - 76Orlando MagicW
Dallas Mavericks107 - 104Houston RocketsW
New Orleans Pelicans132 - 106Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks111 - 102Portland Trail BlazersW
Dallas Mavericks114 - 110LA ClippersW
LA Lakers114 - 103Dallas MavericksL
Houston Rockets108 - 128Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks113 - 104Boston CelticsW
Dallas Mavericks119 - 113Brooklyn NetsW
Memphis Grizzlies98 - 88Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks112 - 109Golden State WarriorsW
Dallas Mavericks118 - 68Utah JazzW
Chicago Bulls98 - 103Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks111 - 96Oklahoma City ThunderW
Utah Jazz117 - 102Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks119 - 100Washington WizardsW
Dallas Mavericks106 - 118New York KnicksL
LA Lakers114 - 113Dallas MavericksL
San Antonio Spurs113 - 108Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks104 - 113Utah JazzL
Toronto Raptors116 - 107Dallas MavericksL
Atlanta Hawks111 - 104Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks115 - 109Chicago BullsW
Dallas Mavericks140 - 136Minnesota TimberwolvesW
Phoenix Suns121 - 100Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks118 - 123Charlotte HornetsL

USA: NBA Summer League: NBA Las Vegas Summer League Placement Matches - 2018

Philadelphia 76ers112 - 115Dallas MavericksW
Philadelphia 76ers120 - 114Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks116 - 63Beijing DucksW
Dallas Mavericks96 - 92Washington WizardsW

USA: NBA Summer League: NBA Las Vegas Summer League Playoff - 2018

Dallas Mavericks83 - 95Chicago BullsL

USA: NBA Summer League: NBA Las Vegas Summer League - 2018

Dallas Mavericks91 - 71Golden State WarriorsW

USA: NBA - 2017/2018

Milwaukee Bucks78 - 81Dallas MavericksW
Phoenix Suns92 - 85Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks97 - 124Phoenix SunsL

USA: NBA Preseason - 2017/2018

Philadelphia 76ers109 - 97Dallas MavericksL
Detroit Pistons113 - 106Dallas MavericksL
Orlando Magic105 - 100Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks115 - 109Portland Trail BlazersW
Cleveland Cavaliers98 - 87Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks92 - 93Minnesota TimberwolvesL
LA Lakers103 - 93Dallas MavericksL
Sacramento Kings97 - 103Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks98 - 102Charlotte HornetsL
Dallas Mavericks112 - 119Utah JazzL
New Orleans Pelicans115 - 105Dallas MavericksL
Brooklyn Nets114 - 106Dallas MavericksL
Toronto Raptors122 - 115Dallas MavericksL
New York Knicks97 - 110Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks82 - 105Houston RocketsL
Dallas Mavericks114 - 80Memphis GrizzliesW
Dallas Mavericks118 - 107Denver NuggetsW
Dallas Mavericks109 - 126New Orleans PelicansL
Chicago Bulls108 - 100Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks110 - 111Oklahoma City ThunderL
Dallas Mavericks109 - 103Indiana PacersW
Utah Jazz97 - 90Dallas MavericksL
LA Lakers124 - 102Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks109 - 114Sacramento KingsL
Houston Rockets104 - 97Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks130 - 123LA LakersW
Golden State Warriors121 - 103Dallas MavericksL
LA Clippers104 - 101Dallas MavericksL
Sacramento Kings99 - 106Dallas MavericksW
Phoenix Suns102 - 88Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks88 - 95Miami HeatL
Denver Nuggets91 - 89Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks93 - 107Portland Trail BlazersL
Dallas Mavericks97 - 104Houston RocketsL
Dallas Mavericks98 - 75Washington WizardsW
Portland Trail Blazers117 - 108Dallas MavericksL
Denver Nuggets105 - 102Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks101 - 107LA LakersL
Charlotte Hornets111 - 115Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks114 - 99Orlando MagicW
Dallas Mavericks96 - 100New York KnicksL
Dallas Mavericks124 - 127Chicago BullsL
Dallas Mavericks122 - 125Golden State WarriorsL
Oklahoma City Thunder113 - 116Dallas MavericksW
New Orleans Pelicans120 - 128Dallas MavericksW
Indiana Pacers94 - 98Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks98 - 93Toronto RaptorsW
Atlanta Hawks112 - 107Dallas MavericksL
Miami Heat113 - 101Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks110 - 93Detroit PistonsW
Dallas Mavericks91 - 97Phoenix SunsL
San Antonio Spurs98 - 96Dallas MavericksL
Golden State Warriors112 - 97Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks95 - 89San Antonio SpursW
Minnesota Timberwolves97 - 92Dallas MavericksL
Milwaukee Bucks109 - 102Dallas MavericksL
Boston Celtics97 - 90Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks122 - 105Denver NuggetsW
Dallas Mavericks108 - 82LA ClippersW
Dallas Mavericks104 - 109Brooklyn NetsL
San Antonio Spurs115 - 108Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks97 - 81Oklahoma City ThunderW
Memphis Grizzlies94 - 95Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks102 - 110Boston CelticsL
Dallas Mavericks111 - 79Milwaukee BucksW
Dallas Mavericks87 - 111Minnesota TimberwolvesL
Dallas Mavericks91 - 97San Antonio SpursL
Oklahoma City Thunder112 - 99Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks104 - 111Cleveland CavaliersL
Washington Wizards99 - 113Dallas MavericksW
Minnesota Timberwolves112 - 99Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks94 - 99New Orleans PelicansL
LA Clippers119 - 98Dallas MavericksL
Utah Jazz104 - 89Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks110 - 112Philadelphia 76ersL
Memphis Grizzlies96 - 91Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks103 - 94Memphis GrizzliesW
Dallas Mavericks103 - 133Golden State WarriorsL
Houston Rockets107 - 91Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks88 - 93Sacramento KingsL
Dallas Mavericks111 - 117Atlanta HawksL
Charlotte Hornets111 - 96Dallas MavericksL

USA: NBA Summer League: NBA Las Vegas Summer League Playoff - 2017

Atlanta Hawks94 - 108Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks99 - 96Orlando MagicW
Orlando Magic112 - 89Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks118 - 71Chicago BullsW
Dallas Mavericks106 - 104Milwaukee BucksW
Dallas Mavericks98 - 108LA LakersL

USA: NBA Summer League: NBA Las Vegas Summer League - 2017

Dallas Mavericks91 - 74Boston CelticsW
Dallas Mavericks83 - 76Sacramento KingsW
Dallas Mavericks78 - 73Miami HeatW

USA: NBA Summer League: NBA Orlando Summer League Playoff - 2017

Dallas Mavericks88 - 77Phoenix SunsW
Chicago Bulls75 - 91Dallas MavericksW
Detroit Pistons81 - 83Dallas MavericksW

USA: NBA Summer League: NBA Orlando Summer League - 2017

Oklahoma City Thunder75 - 96Dallas MavericksW

USA: NBA - 2016/2017

Dallas Mavericks94 - 79Indiana PacersW
Dallas Mavericks86 - 76Orlando MagicW
Dallas Mavericks80 - 75New York KnicksW
Memphis Grizzlies93 - 100Dallas MavericksW

USA: NBA Preseason - 2016/2017

Dallas Mavericks91 - 109Denver NuggetsL
Phoenix Suns124 - 111Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks89 - 102San Antonio SpursL
LA Clippers112 - 101Dallas MavericksL
Sacramento Kings98 - 87Dallas MavericksL
Milwaukee Bucks105 - 109Dallas MavericksW
Memphis Grizzlies99 - 90Dallas MavericksL
New Orleans Pelicans121 - 118Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks91 - 92Oklahoma City ThunderL
Dallas Mavericks86 - 94Toronto RaptorsL
Dallas Mavericks97 - 95LA ClippersW
Dallas Mavericks87 - 112Golden State WarriorsL
Brooklyn Nets104 - 111Dallas MavericksW
Philadelphia 76ers116 - 74Dallas MavericksL
Washington Wizards107 - 112Dallas MavericksW
Toronto Raptors100 - 78Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks98 - 100Phoenix SunsL
Dallas Mavericks105 - 96Brooklyn NetsW
Dallas Mavericks122 - 111LA LakersW
Dallas Mavericks104 - 89Oklahoma City ThunderW
Dallas Mavericks104 - 100Memphis GrizzliesW
Atlanta Hawks100 - 95Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks96 - 89Miami HeatW
Dallas Mavericks96 - 83New Orleans PelicansW
Minnesota Timberwolves97 - 84Dallas MavericksL
Detroit Pistons98 - 91Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks98 - 111Boston CelticsL
Dallas Mavericks112 - 80Orlando MagicW
Dallas Mavericks112 - 105Utah JazzW
Dallas Mavericks113 - 114Portland Trail BlazersL
Denver Nuggets110 - 87Dallas MavericksL
Portland Trail Blazers104 - 108Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks113 - 95Philadelphia 76ersW
Dallas Mavericks104 - 97Cleveland CavaliersW
San Antonio Spurs101 - 105Dallas MavericksW
Oklahoma City Thunder109 - 98Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks103 - 95New York KnicksW
Dallas Mavericks122 - 73LA LakersW
Dallas Mavericks107 - 112Utah JazzL
Miami Heat99 - 95Dallas MavericksL
Chicago Bulls98 - 99Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks98 - 87Minnesota TimberwolvesW
Phoenix Suns108 - 113Dallas MavericksW
Minnesota Timberwolves101 - 92Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks82 - 97Atlanta HawksL
Dallas Mavericks95 - 102Phoenix SunsL
Dallas Mavericks113 - 105Washington WizardsW
Golden State Warriors108 - 99Dallas MavericksL
LA Lakers89 - 101Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks107 - 123Houston RocketsL
New Orleans Pelicans111 - 104Dallas MavericksL
LA Clippers88 - 90Dallas MavericksW
Portland Trail Blazers95 - 96Dallas MavericksW
Denver Nuggets117 - 107Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks99 - 79Sacramento KingsW
Utah Jazz103 - 100Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks85 - 95Detroit PistonsL
Dallas Mavericks112 - 92Denver NuggetsW
Houston Rockets109 - 87Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks111 - 103Indiana PacersW
Dallas Mavericks89 - 120Sacramento KingsL
Dallas Mavericks101 - 109Charlotte HornetsL
Dallas Mavericks107 - 82Chicago BullsW
Charlotte Hornets97 - 87Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks87 - 94San Antonio SpursL
Dallas Mavericks91 - 81New Orleans PelicansW
Cleveland Cavaliers128 - 90Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks104 - 124LA ClippersL
San Antonio Spurs96 - 91Dallas MavericksL
Orlando Magic95 - 87Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks64 - 80Memphis GrizzliesL
Boston Celtics90 - 83Dallas MavericksL
New York Knicks93 - 77Dallas MavericksL
Golden State Warriors116 - 95Dallas MavericksL
LA Lakers97 - 109Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks86 - 75Milwaukee BucksW
Dallas Mavericks95 - 105Portland Trail BlazersL
Utah Jazz97 - 81Dallas MavericksL
Houston Rockets93 - 92Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks98 - 106Houston RocketsL
Indiana Pacers130 - 121Dallas MavericksL
Denver Nuggets101 - 75Dallas MavericksL

USA: NBA Playoffs - 2015/2016

Dallas Mavericks91 - 106Houston RocketsL
Phoenix Suns112 - 107Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks114 - 109Oklahoma City ThunderW
Milwaukee Bucks88 - 74Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks95 - 88Charlotte HornetsW
New Orleans Pelicans116 - 102Dallas MavericksL
Oklahoma City Thunder118 - 104Dallas MavericksL

USA: NBA - 2015/2016

Dallas Mavericks108 - 119Oklahoma City ThunderL
Dallas Mavericks102 - 131Oklahoma City ThunderL
Oklahoma City Thunder84 - 85Dallas MavericksW
Oklahoma City Thunder108 - 70Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks91 - 96San Antonio SpursL

USA: NBA Preseason - 2015/2016

Utah Jazz92 - 101Dallas MavericksW
LA Clippers98 - 91Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks103 - 93Memphis GrizzliesW
Dallas Mavericks88 - 86Houston RocketsW
Minnesota Timberwolves78 - 88Dallas MavericksW
Detroit Pistons89 - 98Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks91 - 89New York KnicksW
Denver Nuggets88 - 97Dallas MavericksW
Sacramento Kings133 - 111Dallas MavericksL
Golden State Warriors128 - 120Dallas MavericksL
Portland Trail Blazers109 - 103Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks132 - 120Portland Trail BlazersW
Dallas Mavericks112 - 130Golden State WarriorsL
Cleveland Cavaliers99 - 98Dallas MavericksL
Charlotte Hornets96 - 107Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks105 - 112Indiana PacersL
Dallas Mavericks96 - 102Detroit PistonsL
Dallas Mavericks90 - 109LA ClippersL
Denver Nuggets116 - 114Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks101 - 104Sacramento KingsL
Dallas Mavericks121 - 108Orlando MagicW
Dallas Mavericks128 - 101Minnesota TimberwolvesW
Dallas Mavericks122 - 116Denver NuggetsW
Dallas Mavericks103 - 116Oklahoma City ThunderL
Dallas Mavericks129 - 103Philadelphia 76ersW
Orlando Magic110 - 104Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks119 - 121Utah JazzL
Memphis Grizzlies110 - 114Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks90 - 116San Antonio SpursL
Dallas Mavericks90 - 93Miami HeatL
Atlanta Hawks112 - 97Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks91 - 78Phoenix SunsW
Dallas Mavericks91 - 79Brooklyn NetsW
Golden State Warriors127 - 107Dallas MavericksL
LA Lakers90 - 92Dallas MavericksW
Houston Rockets115 - 104Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks106 - 109Oklahoma City ThunderL
Dallas Mavericks106 - 94Minnesota TimberwolvesW
Dallas Mavericks118 - 113Boston CelticsW
San Antonio Spurs112 - 83Dallas MavericksL
Chicago Bulls77 - 83Dallas MavericksW
Oklahoma City Thunder108 - 89Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks107 - 110Cleveland CavaliersL
Minnesota Timberwolves87 - 93Dallas MavericksW
Milwaukee Bucks96 - 95Dallas MavericksL
New Orleans Pelicans91 - 100Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks117 - 116Sacramento KingsW
Dallas Mavericks98 - 105New Orleans PelicansL
Miami Heat106 - 82Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks114 - 91Golden State WarriorsW
Dallas Mavericks103 - 93Milwaukee BucksW
Dallas Mavericks118 - 111Chicago BullsW
Brooklyn Nets118 - 119Dallas MavericksW
Toronto Raptors103 - 99Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks97 - 88Memphis GrizzliesW
Indiana Pacers107 - 81Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks104 - 94Phoenix SunsW
Dallas Mavericks111 - 114Washington WizardsL
Dallas Mavericks95 - 98Atlanta HawksL
New York Knicks97 - 104Dallas MavericksW
Washington Wizards104 - 116Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks96 - 100Houston RocketsL
Portland Trail Blazers112 - 115Dallas MavericksW
Sacramento Kings112 - 98Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks92 - 81Denver NuggetsW
San Antonio Spurs88 - 83Dallas MavericksL
Memphis Grizzlies110 - 96Dallas MavericksL
Oklahoma City Thunder117 - 114Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks102 - 93Utah JazzW
Boston Celtics102 - 106Dallas MavericksW
Philadelphia 76ers86 - 92Dallas MavericksW
Houston Rockets98 - 110Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks90 - 82LA LakersW
Dallas Mavericks118 - 108LA ClippersW
New Orleans Pelicans120 - 105Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks107 - 98New Orleans PelicansW
Dallas Mavericks94 - 108Charlotte HornetsL
Dallas Mavericks91 - 102Toronto RaptorsL
LA Lakers93 - 103Dallas MavericksW
LA Clippers104 - 88Dallas MavericksL
Phoenix Suns95 - 111Dallas MavericksW
Chicago Bulls103 - 102Dallas MavericksL

USA: NBA Playoffs - 2014/2015

Dallas Mavericks87 - 99Phoenix SunsL
Cleveland Cavaliers103 - 97Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks84 - 91Atlanta HawksL
Oklahoma City Thunder100 - 88Dallas MavericksL
Houston Rockets109 - 82Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks86 - 96Denver NuggetsL
Houston Rockets103 - 94Dallas MavericksL

USA: NBA - 2014/2015

Dallas Mavericks121 - 109Houston RocketsW
Dallas Mavericks128 - 130Houston RocketsL
Houston Rockets111 - 99Dallas MavericksL
Houston Rockets118 - 108Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks114 - 98Portland Trail BlazersW

USA: NBA Preseason - 2014/2015

Utah Jazz109 - 92Dallas MavericksL
LA Lakers106 - 120Dallas MavericksW
Denver Nuggets143 - 144Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks107 - 104Phoenix SunsW
Dallas Mavericks110 - 123Golden State WarriorsL
Dallas Mavericks101 - 108Houston RocketsL
Oklahoma City Thunder131 - 135Dallas MavericksW
Indiana Pacers104 - 99Dallas MavericksL
San Antonio Spurs94 - 76Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks101 - 94San Antonio SpursW
Phoenix Suns98 - 92Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks101 - 112Memphis GrizzliesL
Dallas Mavericks107 - 102Orlando MagicW
Dallas Mavericks119 - 115Oklahoma City ThunderW
Dallas Mavericks129 - 99LA ClippersW
Dallas Mavericks94 - 127Cleveland CavaliersL
LA Lakers93 - 100Dallas MavericksW
Golden State Warriors104 - 89Dallas MavericksL
Portland Trail Blazers94 - 75Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks102 - 93New Orleans PelicansW
Dallas Mavericks94 - 104Brooklyn NetsL
Atlanta Hawks104 - 87Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks99 - 92Toronto RaptorsW
Dallas Mavericks92 - 81Charlotte HornetsW
Dallas Mavericks111 - 100Houston RocketsW
Oklahoma City Thunder104 - 89Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks87 - 82Utah JazzW
Dallas Mavericks98 - 115LA ClippersL
Dallas Mavericks111 - 101Portland Trail BlazersW
Sacramento Kings78 - 101Dallas MavericksW
Golden State Warriors128 - 114Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks100 - 94Minnesota TimberwolvesW
Orlando Magic93 - 108Dallas MavericksW
Miami Heat72 - 93Dallas MavericksW
Houston Rockets99 - 94Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks90 - 109Memphis GrizzliesL
New Orleans Pelicans109 - 106Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks98 - 102Chicago BullsL
Minnesota Timberwolves75 - 98Dallas MavericksW
Memphis Grizzlies95 - 103Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks97 - 89Denver NuggetsW
Denver Nuggets114 - 107Dallas MavericksL
Sacramento Kings104 - 108Dallas MavericksW
LA Clippers120 - 100Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks95 - 108Detroit PistonsL
Brooklyn Nets88 - 96Dallas MavericksW
Cleveland Cavaliers90 - 109Dallas MavericksW
Boston Celtics101 - 119Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks114 - 87Washington WizardsW
Dallas Mavericks112 - 107Oklahoma City ThunderW
Dallas Mavericks102 - 98LA LakersW
Phoenix Suns124 - 115Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks102 - 105Atlanta HawksL
Dallas Mavericks99 - 93San Antonio SpursW
Detroit Pistons106 - 117Dallas MavericksW
New York Knicks87 - 107Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks98 - 105Golden State WarriorsL
Dallas Mavericks112 - 107New Orleans PelicansW
Memphis Grizzlies114 - 105Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks125 - 102Milwaukee BucksW
Dallas Mavericks106 - 118Phoenix SunsL
Milwaukee Bucks105 - 107Dallas MavericksW
Chicago Bulls129 - 132Dallas MavericksW
Philadelphia 76ers103 - 110Dallas MavericksW
Toronto Raptors102 - 106Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks109 - 102New York KnicksW
Dallas Mavericks100 - 111Indiana PacersL
Houston Rockets95 - 92Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks140 - 106LA LakersW
Washington Wizards102 - 105Dallas MavericksW
Charlotte Hornets80 - 107Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks131 - 117Minnesota TimberwolvesW
Dallas Mavericks123 - 70Philadelphia 76ersW
Dallas Mavericks106 - 98Sacramento KingsW
Dallas Mavericks96 - 105Miami HeatL
Utah Jazz82 - 105Dallas MavericksW
Portland Trail Blazers108 - 87Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks118 - 113Boston CelticsW
New Orleans Pelicans104 - 109Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks120 - 102Utah JazzW
San Antonio Spurs101 - 100Dallas MavericksL
Orlando Magic92 - 117Dallas MavericksW

USA: NBA Playoffs - 2013/2014

New Orleans Pelicans88 - 85Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks108 - 103Memphis GrizzliesW
Indiana Pacers98 - 93Dallas MavericksL
Cleveland Cavaliers102 - 108Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks106 - 98Indiana PacersW
Dallas Mavericks109 - 118Oklahoma City ThunderL
Dallas Mavericks108 - 111Houston RocketsL
San Antonio Spurs119 - 96Dallas MavericksL

USA: NBA - 2013/2014

Dallas Mavericks113 - 111San Antonio SpursW
San Antonio Spurs109 - 103Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks89 - 93San Antonio SpursL
Dallas Mavericks109 - 108San Antonio SpursW
San Antonio Spurs92 - 113Dallas MavericksW
San Antonio Spurs90 - 85Dallas MavericksL
Memphis Grizzlies106 - 105Dallas MavericksL

USA: NBA Preseason - 2013/2014

Dallas Mavericks101 - 98Phoenix SunsW
Dallas Mavericks100 - 109San Antonio SpursL
Utah Jazz83 - 95Dallas MavericksW
Sacramento Kings91 - 93Dallas MavericksW
LA Lakers95 - 107Dallas MavericksW
LA Clippers107 - 113Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks120 - 122Golden State WarriorsL
Dallas Mavericks103 - 100Sacramento KingsW
Dallas Mavericks103 - 109LA ClippersL
Dallas Mavericks128 - 119Oklahoma City ThunderW
Dallas Mavericks104 - 107Brooklyn NetsL
Dallas Mavericks122 - 106Denver NuggetsW
Dallas Mavericks122 - 123Minnesota TimberwolvesL
Dallas Mavericks94 - 89Boston CelticsW
Oklahoma City Thunder86 - 109Dallas MavericksW
Utah Jazz101 - 108Dallas MavericksW
Golden State Warriors108 - 85Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks105 - 94Indiana PacersW
Dallas Mavericks103 - 98Portland Trail BlazersW
Denver Nuggets115 - 110Dallas MavericksL
San Antonio Spurs112 - 106Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks91 - 100Chicago BullsL
Dallas Mavericks108 - 89New Orleans PelicansW
New York Knicks108 - 110Dallas MavericksW
Detroit Pistons102 - 113Dallas MavericksW
Philadelphia 76ers112 - 124Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks106 - 117Miami HeatL
Indiana Pacers73 - 81Dallas MavericksW
Charlotte Hornets114 - 89Dallas MavericksL
Boston Celtics91 - 102Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks103 - 81Utah JazzW
Memphis Grizzlies96 - 110Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks124 - 107Cleveland CavaliersW
Dallas Mavericks107 - 103Sacramento KingsW
Dallas Mavericks115 - 117Houston RocketsL
Dallas Mavericks116 - 106Detroit PistonsW
Brooklyn Nets107 - 106Dallas MavericksL
Toronto Raptors93 - 85Dallas MavericksL
Cleveland Cavaliers97 - 102Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks111 - 127Portland Trail BlazersL
Phoenix Suns107 - 110Dallas MavericksW
LA Clippers129 - 127Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks107 - 88Orlando MagicW
Dallas Mavericks110 - 107New Orleans PelicansW
New Orleans Pelicans90 - 107Dallas MavericksW
San Antonio Spurs112 - 90Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks110 - 97LA LakersW
Dallas Mavericks80 - 92New York KnicksL
Dallas Mavericks112 - 119LA ClippersL
Washington Wizards78 - 87Dallas MavericksW
Minnesota Timberwolves98 - 100Dallas MavericksW
Chicago Bulls83 - 105Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks107 - 116San Antonio SpursL
Houston Rockets104 - 111Dallas MavericksW
Phoenix Suns123 - 108Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks108 - 109Toronto RaptorsL
Dallas Mavericks105 - 91Memphis GrizzliesW
Dallas Mavericks106 - 93Milwaukee BucksW
Golden State Warriors95 - 93Dallas MavericksL
Sacramento Kings112 - 97Dallas MavericksL
Portland Trail Blazers106 - 108Dallas MavericksW
New Orleans Pelicans97 - 100Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks89 - 82Charlotte HornetsW
Dallas Mavericks106 - 112Minnesota TimberwolvesL
Atlanta Hawks88 - 87Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks103 - 99Golden State WarriorsW
Dallas Mavericks96 - 110Denver NuggetsL
Denver Nuggets102 - 100Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks103 - 93Utah JazzW
Dallas Mavericks123 - 120Houston RocketsW
Dallas Mavericks97 - 94Philadelphia 76ersW
Orlando Magic100 - 108Dallas MavericksW
Miami Heat110 - 104Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks105 - 95Washington WizardsW
Milwaukee Bucks83 - 91Dallas MavericksW
Minnesota Timberwolves116 - 108Dallas MavericksL
Oklahoma City Thunder107 - 93Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks123 - 104LA LakersW
Dallas Mavericks111 - 99Memphis GrizzliesW
Houston Rockets113 - 105Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks118 - 109Atlanta HawksW
Dallas Mavericks77 - 98Indiana PacersL

USA: NBA - 2012/2013

Dallas Mavericks98 - 88Atlanta HawksW
Houston Rockets100 - 95Dallas MavericksL
Charlotte Hornets83 - 89Dallas MavericksW
Indiana Pacers85 - 92Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks94 - 102Orlando MagicL
Memphis Grizzlies90 - 95Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks92 - 94New Orleans PelicansL
Dallas Mavericks99 - 87New Orleans PelicansW

USA: NBA Preseason - 2012/2013

Dallas Mavericks97 - 103Memphis GrizzliesL
New Orleans Pelicans89 - 107Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks108 - 105Denver NuggetsW
Dallas Mavericks91 - 102Phoenix SunsL
Portland Trail Blazers91 - 96Dallas MavericksW
Sacramento Kings108 - 117Dallas MavericksW
Denver Nuggets95 - 94Dallas MavericksL
LA Lakers101 - 81Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks100 - 98Chicago BullsW
Dallas Mavericks78 - 103Indiana PacersL
Dallas Mavericks109 - 102LA ClippersW
Dallas Mavericks113 - 108Utah JazzW
Dallas Mavericks104 - 94Boston CelticsW
Dallas Mavericks96 - 113Brooklyn NetsL
Atlanta Hawks113 - 127Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks101 - 107Oklahoma City ThunderL
Dallas Mavericks96 - 86Cleveland CavaliersW
San Antonio Spurs92 - 91Dallas MavericksL
Milwaukee Bucks108 - 115Dallas MavericksW
Minnesota Timberwolves77 - 100Dallas MavericksW
Detroit Pistons99 - 102Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks112 - 108Houston RocketsW
Houston Rockets136 - 103Dallas MavericksL
Brooklyn Nets90 - 98Dallas MavericksW
Memphis Grizzlies90 - 84Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks90 - 95Milwaukee BucksL
Dallas Mavericks99 - 103LA LakersL
New Orleans Pelicans100 - 104Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks111 - 96Orlando MagicW
Dallas Mavericks123 - 100Sacramento KingsW
Dallas Mavericks101 - 105Atlanta HawksL
Dallas Mavericks116 - 91Golden State WarriorsW
Dallas Mavericks105 - 99Portland Trail BlazersW
Oklahoma City Thunder112 - 91Dallas MavericksL
Phoenix Suns99 - 109Dallas MavericksW
Golden State Warriors100 - 97Dallas MavericksL
Portland Trail Blazers106 - 104Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks110 - 95Phoenix SunsW
Dallas Mavericks107 - 113San Antonio SpursL
Orlando Magic105 - 111Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks114 - 117Oklahoma City ThunderL
Dallas Mavericks105 - 100Houston RocketsW
Dallas Mavericks113 - 98Minnesota TimberwolvesW
Dallas Mavericks104 - 83Memphis GrizzliesW
Sacramento Kings112 - 117Dallas MavericksW
LA Clippers99 - 93Dallas MavericksL
Utah Jazz100 - 94Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks96 - 99New Orleans PelicansL
Miami Heat119 - 109Dallas MavericksL
Washington Wizards94 - 103Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks86 - 111San Antonio SpursL
Dallas Mavericks85 - 106Denver NuggetsL
Oklahoma City Thunder111 - 105Dallas MavericksL
San Antonio Spurs129 - 91Dallas MavericksL
Memphis Grizzlies92 - 82Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks95 - 110Miami HeatL
Dallas Mavericks107 - 100Philadelphia 76ersW
Minnesota Timberwolves114 - 106Dallas MavericksL
Toronto Raptors95 - 74Dallas MavericksL
Boston Celtics117 - 115Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks119 - 96Sacramento KingsW
Houston Rockets109 - 116Dallas MavericksW
Phoenix Suns94 - 97Dallas MavericksW
LA Clippers112 - 90Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks92 - 77Detroit PistonsW
Chicago Bulls101 - 78Dallas MavericksL
Philadelphia 76ers100 - 98Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks89 - 115LA LakersL
Dallas Mavericks114 - 111New York KnicksW
Dallas Mavericks101 - 105Golden State WarriorsL
Cleveland Cavaliers95 - 103Dallas MavericksW
Indiana Pacers103 - 83Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks107 - 101Washington WizardsW
Dallas Mavericks82 - 90Minnesota TimberwolvesL
Charlotte Hornets101 - 97Dallas MavericksL
New York Knicks104 - 94Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks109 - 104Toronto RaptorsW
Dallas Mavericks114 - 91Portland Trail BlazersW
Dallas Mavericks126 - 99Charlotte HornetsW
Utah Jazz113 - 94Dallas MavericksL
LA Lakers91 - 99Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks99 - 82Charlotte HornetsW

USA: NBA: 6 - 2011/2012

Oklahoma City Thunder88 - 76Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks87 - 74New Orleans PelicansW
Atlanta Hawks110 - 94Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks94 - 100Phoenix SunsL
Dallas Mavericks123 - 104Houston RocketsW
Dallas Mavericks97 - 103Oklahoma City ThunderL

USA: NBA - 2011/2012

Dallas Mavericks79 - 95Oklahoma City ThunderL
Oklahoma City Thunder102 - 99Dallas MavericksL
Oklahoma City Thunder99 - 98Dallas MavericksL
Atlanta Hawks106 - 89Dallas MavericksL

USA: NBA Preseason - 2011/2012

Chicago Bulls93 - 83Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks104 - 94Golden State WarriorsW
Dallas Mavericks117 - 110Houston RocketsW
Utah Jazz123 - 121Dallas MavericksL
LA Lakers112 - 108Dallas MavericksL
Portland Trail Blazers94 - 97Dallas MavericksW
Golden State Warriors103 - 112Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks110 - 100Sacramento KingsW
Memphis Grizzlies94 - 89Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks97 - 99Portland Trail BlazersL
Dallas Mavericks95 - 85Memphis GrizzliesW
Dallas Mavericks75 - 94LA ClippersL
Orlando Magic98 - 100Dallas MavericksW
Miami Heat106 - 85Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks90 - 81Houston RocketsW
Houston Rockets99 - 101Dallas MavericksW
San Antonio Spurs104 - 87Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks93 - 109LA LakersL
Denver Nuggets95 - 112Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks106 - 99San Antonio SpursW
Dallas Mavericks101 - 96Charlotte HornetsW
Dallas Mavericks107 - 98Washington WizardsW
Golden State Warriors111 - 87Dallas MavericksL
Sacramento Kings110 - 97Dallas MavericksL
Phoenix Suns96 - 94Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks95 - 85New York KnicksW
Oklahoma City Thunder95 - 91Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks102 - 96Utah JazzW
New Orleans Pelicans97 - 92Dallas MavericksL
Memphis Grizzlies96 - 85Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks92 - 93Brooklyn NetsL
Dallas Mavericks91 - 96LA LakersL
Dallas Mavericks89 - 73Boston CelticsW
New York Knicks104 - 97Dallas MavericksL
Philadelphia 76ers75 - 82Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks102 - 84Denver NuggetsW
Dallas Mavericks96 - 92LA ClippersW
Dallas Mavericks97 - 94Portland Trail BlazersW
Minnesota Timberwolves97 - 104Dallas MavericksW
Denver Nuggets95 - 105Dallas MavericksW
Cleveland Cavaliers91 - 88Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks87 - 98Indiana PacersL
Dallas Mavericks86 - 95Oklahoma City ThunderL
Phoenix Suns99 - 122Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks101 - 100San Antonio SpursW
Dallas Mavericks116 - 101Utah JazzW
Dallas Mavericks90 - 105Minnesota TimberwolvesL
Dallas Mavericks93 - 87Phoenix SunsW
New Orleans Pelicans81 - 83Dallas MavericksW
Utah Jazz91 - 94Dallas MavericksW
LA Clippers91 - 89Dallas MavericksL
LA Lakers73 - 70Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks99 - 60Sacramento KingsW
Dallas Mavericks102 - 76Milwaukee BucksW
Boston Celtics85 - 90Dallas MavericksW
Detroit Pistons86 - 100Dallas MavericksW
Dallas Mavericks96 - 81New Orleans PelicansW
San Antonio Spurs93 - 71Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks98 - 89Phoenix SunsW
Dallas Mavericks100 - 87Oklahoma City ThunderW
Minnesota Timberwolves99 - 82Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks99 - 86Toronto RaptorsW
Oklahoma City Thunder104 - 102Dallas MavericksL
Dallas Mavericks93 - 115Denver NuggetsL
Dallas Mavericks94 - 105Miami HeatL
Oklahoma City Thunder87 - 83Dallas MavericksL
#NameAgePlayedGoalsYellow CardsRed Cards
42Maximilian Kleber2871000
11Tim Hardaway Jr.2868000
77Luka Doncic2159000
23Josh Reaves237000
Point guard
5J.J. Barea3670000
32Trey Burke2754000
55Delon Wright2870000
Shooting guard
3Antonius Cleveland2618000
Small forward
10Dorian Finney-Smith2769000
9Michael Kidd-Gilchrist2662000
44Justin Jackson2572000
51Boban Marjanovic3171000
Rick Carlisle600000